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      2. Weekly Ads FAQs

        Weekly Ads

        Q. Can I receive your weekly ads in the mail?
        A. Our weekly ads are distributed only via local newspapers. However, you can click here to view our weekly ads online.

        Q. My weekly ads are for the wrong store. How do I fix this?
        A. Our site uses a service that looks up your location based on geographical data that your ISP server sends to our server when you visit the site. While mostly accurate, you may be presented with a store that is not actually the closest to your home address. This is because your computer’s IP address is not assigned to the physical address of your home, but to a server of your Internet service provider.

        To view the online insert for a different location, please follow these instructions:

        • Make sure that you have enabled “cookies” in your computer’s browser. (This is very important and will ensure that next time you visit the site you'll see the ad you’ve selected.)
        • Click the "change location" link under the large header near the top center of your screen “Weekly Ads for... (Location).”  (Note: do not enter the ZIP code in the search bar located near the top right of the screen. This search tool is for finding items within the ad, not for searching locations.)
        • A pop-up box listing several store locations will open. Near the bottom of the pop-up box, you will see a field titled "find a store in a different area." Enter the ZIP code of your choice and click "go." (Make sure you have allowed pop-up windows in your browser settings)
        • You will now see an updated listing of store locations closest to the new ZIP code.
        • Click the blue "View Weekly Ad" button next to your preferred location to view the ad for the store of your choice.

        If you continue to experience difficulty, please change the default browser mode, located in the upper right-hand side of your screen, from “Broadband Mode (Flash)” to “Dial-Up Mode (HTML),” and then repeat the steps above.

        Q. How do I increase the font size of my weekly ads?
        A. It is possible to adjust the view setting to enlarge an ad. Click to select the ad you wish to view. Once the ad loads, you will see three “views” options in the solid yellow bar above the ad. Select “single page view” to see a larger image.